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Who is OpenOffice.org?

OpenOffice.org, commonly known as OOo or OpenOffice, is an open-source application suite whose main components are for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, and databases. OpenOffice is available for a number of different computer operating systems, is distributed as free software and is written using its own GUI toolkit. OpenOffice.org originated as StarOffice, an office suite developed by StarDivision and acquired by Sun Microsystems in August 1999. OpenOffice.org comprises a collection of applications that work together closely to provide the features commonly included in modern office suites. Many of the components mirror those available in Microsoft Office.
OpenOffice.org URL: www.openoffice.org
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OpenOffice.org files

  1. pdfimport.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  2. ucptdoc1.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  3. neon.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  4. ucpdav1.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  5. xofmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  6. updchkmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  7. swriter.exe (OpenOffice.org Writer by OpenOfficeorg)
  8. ucppkg1.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  9. analysismi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  10. datemi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  11. localedata_others.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  12. localedata_es.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  13. foruimi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  14. formi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  15. scmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  16. scdmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  17. splmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  18. simpress.exe (OpenOffice.org Impress by OpenOfficeorg)
  19. dtrans.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  20. fps.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  21. fpicker.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  22. fwlmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  23. animcore.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  24. scnmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  25. sdmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  26. sddmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  27. resmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  28. jdbcmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  29. hsqldb.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  30. sdbc2.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  31. dbpool2.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  32. proxyfac.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  33. dbumi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  34. wininetbe1.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  35. javavm.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  36. jvmaccess3msc.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  37. dbami.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  38. dbtoolsmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  39. dbaxmlmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  40. onlinecheck.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  41. updatefeed.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  42. ucpchelp1.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  43. mcnttype.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  44. ftransl.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  45. lnthmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  46. hyphenmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  47. spellmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  48. introspection.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  49. ucpexpand1.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  50. helplinkermi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  51. deploymentmi.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  52. fsstorage.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  53. sysdtrans.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  54. xmlsecurity.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  55. unoxmlmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  56. rasqal.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  57. raptor.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  58. librdf.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  59. unordfmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  60. updchk.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  61. fileacc.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  62. localedata_en.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  63. localedata_euro.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  64. reflection.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  65. svxmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  66. swmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  67. dnd.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  68. package2.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  69. xstor.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  70. swdmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  71. filterconfig1.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  72. uuimi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  73. stsmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  74. logmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  75. aggmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  76. cppcanvasmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  77. canvastoolsmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  78. lngmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  79. drawinglayermi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  80. xomi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  81. avmediami.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  82. editengmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  83. svxcoremi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  84. oooimprovecoremi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  85. behelper.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  86. sax.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  87. sysmgr1.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  88. configmgr2.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  89. emsermi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  90. oleautobridge.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  91. oooimprovementmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  92. i18npool.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  93. ucpfile1.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  94. fwkmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  95. ucb1.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  96. stocservices.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  97. localebe1.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  98. configmgr.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  99. store3.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  100. reg3.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  101. bootstrap.uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  102. msci_uno.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  103. saxmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  104. sbmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  105. jvmfwk3.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  106. svlmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  107. i18nutilmsc.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  108. i18npapermi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  109. sotmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  110. vclmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  111. tkmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  112. svtmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  113. fwimi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  114. fwemi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  115. sfxmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  116. xcrmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  117. utlmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  118. i18nisolang1msc.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  119. basegfxmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  120. tlmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  121. deploymentmiscmi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  122. vos3msc.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  123. ucbhelper4msc.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  124. cppu3.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  125. salhelper3msc.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  126. cppuhelper3msc.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  127. comphelp4msc.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  128. sofficeapp.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  129. uwinapi.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  130. sal3.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  131. propertyhdl.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  132. shlxthdl.dll (by OpenOfficeorg)
  133. soffice.bin (OpenOffice.org 3.2 by OpenOfficeorg)
  134. soffice.exe (OpenOffice.org 3.2 by OpenOfficeorg)
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