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Who is Nullsoft, Inc.?

Nullsoft, Inc. is known products include the Winamp media player and the SHOUTcast MP3 streaming media server. In recent years, their open source installer system, NSIS, has also risen in popularity as a widely used alternative to commercial products like InstallShield. Their latest developments included the Nullsoft Streaming Video (NSV) format, which was intended to stream media that uses any audio or video codec. Nullsoft was sold to America Online and thereafter existed as a subsidiary of America Online.
Nullsoft, Inc. URL: www.winamp.com
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Nullsoft, Inc. files

  1. libmp4v2.dll (Winamp libmp4v2 Library by Nullsoft)
  2. gen_tray.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  3. gen_ff.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  4. ml_transcode.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  5. ml_rg.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  6. ml_plg.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  7. ml_impex.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  8. ml_autotag.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  9. ml_disc.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  10. ml_history.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  11. ml_bookmarks.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  12. pmp_wifi.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  13. pmp_usb.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  14. pmp_p4s.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  15. pmp_njb.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  16. pmp_ipod.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  17. pmp_android.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  18. ml_pmp.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  19. ml_devices.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  20. ml_online.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  21. ml_playlists.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  22. ml_local.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  23. tataki.dll (Winamp Shared Code Library by Nullsoft)
  24. gen_ml.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  25. gen_hotkeys.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  26. out_wave.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  27. out_ds.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  28. out_disk.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  29. in_wm.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  30. libsndfile.dll (Winamp libsndfile Library by Nullsoft)
  31. in_wave.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  32. in_vorbis.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  33. in_swf.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  34. in_nsv.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  35. in_mp4.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  36. in_mp3.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  37. in_mod.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  38. in_mkv.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  39. in_midi.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  40. in_linein.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  41. in_flv.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  42. in_flac.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  43. in_dshow.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  44. in_cdda.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  45. in_avi.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  46. jnetlib.dll (Winamp Networking Service by Nullsoft)
  47. zlib.dll (Winamp ZLIB Library by Nullsoft)
  48. nxlite.dll (Winamp Shared Code Library by Nullsoft)
  49. nde.dll (Winamp Nullsoft Database Engine (NDE) Library by Nullsoft)
  50. nsutil.dll (Winamp Shared Code Library by Nullsoft)
  51. nscrt.dll (Win9x Unicode C Runtime Library by Nullsoft)
  52. npwachk.dll (Winamp Application Detector by Nullsoft)
  53. ml_downloads.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  54. ml_wire.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  55. ml_addons.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  56. ml_nowplaying.dll (Winamp by Nullsoft)
  57. winampa.exe (Winamp Agent by Nullsoft)
  58. winamp.exe (Winamp by Nullsoft)
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About (from Nullsoft, Inc. at www.winamp.com)
Winamp was created by Nullsoft in 1997 as a community supported media play and was a pioneer as well as a disruptor in the digital media space. Lead by Justin Frankel and his merry band of developers, Winamp soon became one of the most revolutionary
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