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Who is ESET?

ESET is an IT security company headquartered in Bratislava, Slovakia that was founded in 1992. ESET's first product was NOD, an antivirus software for computers running MS-DOS. ESET's use of assembly language in its products contributes to their low system requirements and disk space utilization. ESET calls its scanning engine ThreatSense, and makes extensive use of generic signatures and heuristics. This should not be confused with ThreatSense.Net, which is ESET's system for submitting suspicious files and malware to their virus researchers. ESET's products are regularly tested by organizations such as AV-Comparatives, AV-Test and Virus Bulletin. ESET is the first company to receive sixty-five (65) VB100 awards from Virus Bulletin and has not missed a single threat in Virus Bulletin's tests in the past six years. ESET's products are regularly certified by ICSA Labs and West Coast Labs.
ESET URL: www.eset.com
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ESET files

  1. ekrnantitheft.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  2. eguidevmon.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  3. ekrndevmon.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  4. pr_nod32.dll (NOD32 Antivirus System by ESET)
  5. pr_amon.dll (NOD32 Antivirus System by ESET)
  6. nod32krr.dll (NOD32 Antivirus System by ESET)
  7. eguidevmon.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  8. eguimailplugins.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  9. eguiupdate.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  10. eguiepfw.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  11. eguidmon.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  12. eguiemon.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  13. eguiamon.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  14. eguiscan.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  15. eguihips.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  16. ekrndevmon.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  17. ekrnmailplugins.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  18. updater.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  19. ekrnupdate.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  20. ekrnepfw.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  21. ekrndmon.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  22. ekrnemon.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  23. ekrnamon.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  24. ekrnscan.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  25. ekrnhips.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  26. shellext.dll (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  27. eshasrv.exe (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  28. ehttpsrv.exe (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  29. egui.exe (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  30. ekrn.exe (ESET Endpoint Security by ESET)
  31. onlinescanner.ocx (ESET OnlineScanner by ESET)
  32. toastnotify.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  33. eguiparental.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  34. ekrnparental.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  35. ekrnsmon.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  36. dmon.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  37. eplghooks.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  38. eguismon.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  39. pu_upd.dll (NOD32 Antivirus System by ESET)
  40. pu_nod32.dll (NOD32 Antivirus System by ESET)
  41. pu_imon.dll (NOD32 Antivirus System by ESET)
  42. pu_emon.dll (NOD32 Antivirus System by ESET)
  43. pu_dmon.dll (NOD32 Antivirus System by ESET)
  44. pu_amon.dll (NOD32 Antivirus System by ESET)
  45. ps_upd.dll (NOD32 Antivirus System by ESET)
  46. ps_nod32.dll (NOD32 Antivirus System by ESET)
  47. ps_emon.dll (NOD32 Antivirus System by ESET)
  48. ps_dmon.dll (NOD32 Antivirus System by ESET)
  49. ps_amon.dll (NOD32 Antivirus System by ESET)
  50. imon.dll (NOD32 Antivirus System by ESET)
  51. dmon.dll (NOD32 Antivirus System by ESET)
  52. nod32kui.exe (NOD32 Antivirus System by ESET)
  53. nod32krn.exe (NOD32 Antivirus System by ESET)
  54. eplgoutlookemon.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  55. eplgoutlook.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  56. ehttpsrv.exe (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  57. ekrnmailplugins.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  58. updater.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  59. ekrnupdate.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  60. ekrnepfw.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  61. ekrndmon.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  62. ekrnemon.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  63. ekrnamon.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  64. ekrnscan.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  65. ekrnhips.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  66. eguimailplugins.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  67. eguiupdate.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  68. eguiepfw.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  69. eguidmon.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  70. eguiemon.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  71. eguiamon.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  72. eguiscan.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  73. eguihips.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  74. shellext.dll (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  75. ekrn.exe (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
  76. egui.exe (ESET Smart Security by ESET)
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About (from ESET at www.eset.com)
At ESET, we are dedicated to developing high-performing security solutions for home users and corporate customers, detecting and disabling all known and emerging forms of malware. Our extensive line of solutions protects across all types of environme
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