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User start menu folder

The startup folder contains programs that automatically start when Windows starts for the logged in user. Any application in this folder (C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\Start Menu\Programs\Startup or under C:\User\USERNAME\) will be run when the particular user logs into Windows.

Explore top user start menu folder

  1. adobe gamma loader.exe (Adobe Systems, Inc. Adobe Gamma Loader by Adobe Systems)
  2. sidebar.exe (Windows Desktop Gadgets by Microsoft)
  3. ssscheduler.exe (McAfee Security Scanner + by McAfee)
  4. ssscheduler.exe (McAfee Security Scanner by McAfee)
  5. windowssearch.exe (Windows Search System Tray by Microsoft)
  6. hpqtra08.exe (HP Digital Imaging by Hewlett Packard)
  7. rundll32.exe (Windows host process (Rundll32) by Microsoft)
  8. ereg.exe (PowerReg by Logitech)
  9. 5zbarsvc.exe (PRODUCTVERS_NAME by Mindspark Interactive Network)
  10. rocketdock.exe
  11. firefox.exe (Firefox by Mozilla)
  12. quickstart.exe (by The Document Foundation)
  13. asusvibelauncher.exe (AsusVibe Application by ASUSTeK Computer)
  14. osa.exe (Microsoft Office XP by Microsoft)
  15. mypc backup.exe (MyPC Backup by JDI BACKUP LIMITED)
  16. _77b5857c27147149171be7.exe
  17. onenotem.exe (Microsoft OneNote by Microsoft)
  18. hpstatusui.dll (HP Digital Imaging by Hewlett Packard)
  19. magicdisc.exe (MagicDisc by MagicISO)
  20. groove.exe (Microsoft Office Groove by Microsoft)
  21. quickdcf2.exe (FinePixViewer by FUJIFILM)
  22. stikynot.exe (Sticky Notes by Microsoft)
  23. dlg.exe (Digital Line Detection by Avanquest)
  24. dropbox.exe (Dropbox by Dropbox)
  25. reader_sl.exe (Adobe Acrobat by Adobe Systems)
  26. avastui.exe (avast! Antivirus by AVAST Software as)
  27. icon09db8a851.exe
  28. newshortcut5_21c7b668029a47458b27645fe6e4a715.exe (InstallShield by SRS Labs)
  29. facebookmessenger.exe (Facebook Messenger by Facebook)
  30. wzqkpick.exe (WinZip by WinZip Computing)
  31. setpoint.exe (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  32. boostspeed.exe (BoostSpeed by Auslogics Software Pty Ltd)
  33. cvh.exe (Microsoft Office 2010 by Microsoft)
  34. osa9.exe (Microsoft Office 2000 by Microsoft)
  35. picturemover.exe (PictureMover Application by Hewlett-Packard Company)
  36. salaty.exe (Muslims Prayer Time Reminder. by wwwela-salatycom)
  37. tmmonitor.exe (TMMonitor by ArcSoft)
  38. onenote.exe (Microsoft Office OneNote by Microsoft)
  39. strongvaultapp.exe (StrongvaultApp by Strongvault Online Storage LLC)
  40. saytime.exe (Say the Time by Provenio Software)
  41. twcu.exe
  42. javaw.exe (Java(TM) Platform SE 6 U31 by Sun Microsystems)
  43. adobecollabsync.exe (by Adobe Systems)
  44. wruninstall.exe (Webroot Installer by Webroot)
  45. tcbhn.exe (by Blabbers Communications Ltd)
  46. powerreg scheduler.exe (PRegScheduler Application )
  47. yahoowidgets.exe (Yahoo! Widgets by Yahoo!)
  48. hpqthb08.exe (hp digital imaging by Hewlett-Packard Development Company LP)
  49. winampa.exe
  50. kodak software updater.exe
  51. defragicon.exe
  52. usbguard.exe (USB Disk Security by Zbshareware Limited)
  53. remind32.exe (Intelliquest Reminder Application by IntelliQuest Communications)
  54. rainmeter.exe (Rainmeter by Rainmeter)
  55. updatechecker.exe (by Cole Williams)
  56. backupmanagertray.exe (Acer Backup Manager by NTI)
  57. _41100329364c94a5913b21.exe
  58. frostwire.exe (FrostWire by Frostwire)
  59. lpuninstall.exe (LastPass Installer by LastPass)
  60. crashplantray.exe (CrashPlan Tray by Code 42 Software)
  61. quickset.exe (QuickSet by Dell)
  62. idvault.exe (Constant Guard Protection Suite by Comcast)
  63. powerreg scheduler v3.exe (PowerReg Scheduler by Leader Technologies)
  64. rpsystray.exe (RealPlayer Cloud by RealNetworks)
  65. _sc_acrobat.exe
  66. pcmeterv0.3.exe (AddGadgets Library by AddGadgets)
  67. ubericon.exe
  68. stk02nm.exe (Syntek Camera by Syntek Ltd)
  69. raui.exe (RaUI Application by Ralink Technology)
  70. newshortcut2_87edf6c81d0a4b7b84f42fe0c6a9d608.exe (InstallShield by Flexera Software)
  71. sqlmangr.exe (Microsoft SQL Server by Microsoft)
  72. tbhcn.exe (by Blabbers Communications Ltd)
  73. cnab4lak.exe (Canon Advanced Printing Technology by CANON INC)
  74. aero midnight clock.exe
  75. cli.exe (Catalyst Control Centre by ATI Technologies)
  76. wzqkpick32.exe (WinZip by WinZip Computing)
  77. display.exe (PowerChute Personal Edition by American Power Conversion)
  78. ramasst.exe (CD Burning of Windows XP disabling tool for DVD MULTI Drive by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co Ltd)
  79. dfx.exe (by Power Technology)
  80. seagate na0lyq6t product registration.exe (PowerReg by Seagate Technology LLC)
  81. snagit32.exe (Snagit by TechSmith)
  82. simplicheck.exe (simplicheck by simplitec GmbH)
  83. itouch-server-win.exe (Logitech Touch Mouse Server by Logitech)
  84. sc_acrobat.exe
  85. orbitdm.exe (Orbit Downloader by KORAM GAMES LIMITED)
  86. dropbox.exe (Dropbox by Dropbox)
  87. _6c478f4e8d2a2ac0fd0413.exe
  88. _e6d9769dd20af384865041.exe
  89. googlecalendarsync.exe (Google Calendar Sync by Google Inc)
  90. wksvmgr.exe (WibuKey Server Manager by WIBU-SYSTEMS AG)
  91. air mouse.exe (AirMouse )
  92. wna3100.exe (NETGEAR Genie Application by NETGEAR)
  93. kuma_tray.exe (Kuma_Tray by Kuma)
  94. ovpntray.exe
  95. bttray.exe (Bluetooth Software by Broadcom)
  96. objectdock.exe (Stardock ObjectDock by Stardock)
  97. cma.exe (Content Manager Assistant by Sony Computer Entertainment)
  98. fences.exe (Fences by Stardock)
  99. df.exe (Direct Folders by Code Sector)
  100. wddmstatus.exe (WDDMStatus.exe by Western Digital Technologies)
  101. audibledownloadhelper.exe (Audible Download Manager by Audible)
  102. belkinwcui.exe (Belkin Wireless Client Utility by Belkin)
  103. core temp.exe (Core Temp by Artur Liberman)
  104. msnotif.exe (Outil de notification de cadeaux MSN by Microsoft)
  105. rtwlan.exe (RtWLan Application by Realtek Semiconductor)
  106. mozystat.exe (MozyHome by Mozy)
  107. getright.exe (GetRight by Headlight Software)
  108. ir.exe (Hauppauge Computer Works IR by Hauppauge Computer Works)
  109. psi_tray.exe (Secunia PSI Tray by Secunia)
  110. punto.exe (Punto Switcher by YANDEX LLC)
  111. brsupssp.exe_44686fc076524ef5975ef92ee48e2958.exe (InstallShield by Flexera Software LLC)
  112. techtracker.exe (TechTracker Application )
  113. dyntray.exe (Dyn Updater by Dynamic Network Services Inc)
  114. azulstarlinktest.exe (Azulstar Wireless Wizard by Azulstar)
  115. tosdimonitor.exe (Toshiba Places Icon Utility by TOSHIBA CORPORATION)
  116. launcher.exe (The Webshots Desktop Launcher by American Greetings)
  117. launchy.exe
  118. alarm.exe (CorelCENTRAL TM 9 by Corel Limited)
  119. misc.exe
  120. qbwebconnector.exe (Quickbooks Web Connector by Intuit)
  121. ding.exe (DING! by Southwest Airlines)
  122. paltalk.exe (Paltalk Messenger by Paltalkcom)
  123. recentx.exe (RecentX by Concept world)
  124. ldmconf.exe (Logitech Desktop Messenger by Logitech)
  125. autodect.exe (AutoDect by D-LINK CORPORATION)
  126. googlewebaccwarden.exe
  127. wna1100.exe (WNA1100 Application by NETGEAR)
  128. screencapturer.exe (ScreenCapturer by ScreenCapturercom)
  129. acervcm.exe (Acer Video Conference Manager by Acer)
  130. qbupdate.exe (QuickBooks Automatic Update by Intuit)
  131. easyshare.exe (KODAK EasyShare Software )
  132. spuvolumewatcher.exe (PMB by Sony)
  133. justcloud.exe (JustCloud by JDI BACKUP LIMITED)
  134. gamestopnow.exe (GameStop Now by GameStop)
  135. isctsystray8.exe (ISCTsysTray by Intel(R) Smart Connect software)
  136. _31e4d9914aa2fe5bc71073.exe
  137. qbw32.exe (QuickBooks by Intuit)
  138. gingerclientstartu_a2f7c7db989e489495dd2d78edbe914a.exe (InstallShield by Flexera Software)
  139. calendar.exe (Calendar 2000 by Gregory Braun -- Software Design)
  140. delldock.exe (Dell Dock by Stardock)
  141. aoltray.exe (America Online by America Online)
  142. wincinemamgr.exe (WinCinema Manager for InterVideo WinCinema products by InterVideo)
  143. acstart16.exe (AutoCAD by Autodesk)
  144. ticno tabs.exe (Engine Application by Media Labs Ltd)
  145. directdownloader.exe (by DDLR LTD)
  146. bgvolumewatcher.exe (Bloggie Software by Sony of America)
  147. trillian.exe (Trillian by Cerulean Studios)
  148. usertile.exe (UserTile )
  149. dslx2.exe (DSL SPEED by DSL-SPEEDORG)
  150. nassche.exe (NAS Function Scheduling Application by BUFFALO INC)
  151. _f5ae9ae699c4185d1fa1c8.exe
  152. codemetercc.exe (CodeMeter Control Center by WIBU-SYSTEMS AG)
  153. serviioconsole.exe
  154. yowindow.exe (YoWindow 3 by RepkaSoft)
  155. pdanetpc.exe (by June Fabrics Technology)
  156. severeweatheralerts.exe (Severe Weather Alerts by Weather Notifications LLC)
  157. autobackup.exe (AutoBackup by Samsung)
  158. aero midnight weather.exe
  159. hamachi.exe (Hamachi Client by LogMeIn)
  160. rzfps.exe (Razer SwitchBlade FPS Application by Razer USA Ltd)
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