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ActiveX installs

ActiveX controls are sapplications that are used within Internet Explorer. They can enhance your browsing experience by allowing animation or they can help with tasks such as installing security updates at Microsoft Update. Some websites require you to install ActiveX controls to see the site or perform certain tasks on it. When you visit such a site, Internet Explorer asks if you want to install the ActiveX control.

Explore top activex installs

  1. capicom.dll (CAPICOM Module by Microsoft)
  2. mscomct2.ocx (Microsoft Common Controls 2 Object Library by Microsoft)
  3. olepro32.dll (by Microsoft)
  4. msvcrt.dll (Windows NT CRT DLL by Microsoft)
  5. mfc42.dll (Microsoft (R) Visual C++ by Microsoft)
  6. unicows.dll (Microsoft (R) Windows (R) 95, Windows (R) 98, and Windows (R) Millennium Operating Systems by Microsoft)
  7. hpbasicdetection3.dll (HP Diagnostics Program - Product Identification by Hewlett-Packard Company)
  8. comcat.dll (Microsoft Component Category Manager Library by Microsoft)
  9. asycfilt.dll (by Microsoft)
  10. hpdevicedetection2.dll (HP Diagnostics Program - Product Detection by Hewlett-Packard Company)
  11. msvbvm60.dll (Visual Basic by Microsoft)
  12. hpesupport.dll (HP eSupport Diagnostics by Hewlett-Packard Company)
  13. oleaut32.dll (by Microsoft)
  14. atl.dll (Microsoft (R) Visual C++ by Microsoft)
  15. msinet.ocx (Microsoft Internet Transfer Control by Microsoft)
  16. hpscripting.dll (HPScripting by Hewlett-Packard Company)
  17. hpcommunication.dll (HP eSupport Diagnostics by Hewlett-Packard)
  18. stg_drm.ocx (SpinTopDRM Module by SpinTop Media)
  19. legitcheckcontrol.dll (Microsoft Genuine Advantage by Microsoft)
  20. yinsthelper.dll (YInstHelper Module by Yahoo!)
  21. libeay32.dll (The OpenSSL Toolkit by Adobe Systems)
  22. exentctl.ocx (ExentCtl Module by Exent Technologies Ltd)
  23. zlib1.dll (zlib by Stardock)
  24. ofutils.dll (OfotoNow by Ofoto)
  25. ofxml.dll (OfotoNow by Ofoto)
  26. ssv.dll (Java(TM) Platform SE 7 U60 by Oracle America)
  27. sqlite3.dll (by Bitdefender SRL)
  28. ssleay32.dll (The OpenSSL Toolkit by Adobe Systems)
  29. hpediag.dll (HP eDiagnostic Support Objects by Hewlett-Packard)
  30. msstkprp.dll (msprop32 by Microsoft)
  31. lmiguardiandll.dll (LMIGuardianDll by LogMeIn)
  32. ctsueng.ocx (Creative Software AutoUpdate Engine by Creative Technology Ltd)
  33. ieawsdc.dll (Microsoft Office Template and Media Control by Office Build Lab)
  34. axofupld.dll (Easy Upload by KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery)
  35. easyupld.dll (Easy Upload by KODAK EASYSHARE Gallery)
  36. liborca.dll (ORCA Library by Kodak Gallery)
  37. liborca_comm.dll (ORCA Library by Kodak Gallery)
  38. install.dll (On-The-Fly Web Install by HexaTech)
  39. ctpid.ocx (CTPID ActiveX Control Module by Creative Technology Ltd)
  40. msvcp60.dll (Microsoft (R) Visual C++ by Microsoft)
  41. devenum.exe
  42. shortcut.exe (dshortcut Application )
  43. hpmonz.exe (Hewlett-Packard Monitor Service by Hewlett-Packard Company)
  44. unzip.exe
  45. photouploader5.ocx (Facebook Photo Uploader 5 by Facebook)
  46. photouploader55.ocx (Facebook Photo Uploader 5 by Facebook)
  47. muweb.dll (Microsoft Update Web Control by Microsoft)
  48. pthreadgc2.dll (POSIX Threads for Windows32 Library by Open Source Software community project)
  49. playbackbaractivex.ocx (PlayBackBarActiveX ActiveX Control Module )
  50. libcurl.dll (The cURL library by Adobe Systems)
  51. ieatgpc.dll (WebEx Download Module by WebEx Communications)
  52. hpbroker.dll (HPBroker Module by Hewlett-Packard Company)
  53. spursdownload.dll (Sunbelt AntiMalware Common SDK Merge Module by Sunbelt Software)
  54. vipre.dll (VIPRE Threat detection and remediation system by Sunbelt Software)
  55. sbte.dll (Sunbelt AntiMalware Common SDK Merge Module by Sunbelt Software)
  56. winweb.dll (WinWeb Module by Winbond)
  57. wuweb.dll (Windows Update Web Control by Microsoft)
  58. pcpitstopantivirus2.dll (PC Pitstop by PC Pitstop LLC)
  59. diskmd3ctrl.dll (PC Pitstop DiskMD3 by PC Pitstop LLC)
  60. pcpitstop2.dll (PC Pitstop by PC Pitstop LLC)
  61. pcpitstop3d.dll (PC Pitstop by PC Pitstop LLC)
  62. pcpitstop.dll (PC Pitstop by PC Pitstop LLC)
  63. startersftde.dll (StarterSFTDE Module )
  64. gametapwebplayer_4_4_0_7.ocx (GameTap Web Player by Metaboli)
  65. microsoftupdatecatalogwebcontrol.dll (Microsoft Update Catalog Web Control by Microsoft)
  66. garminaxcontrol_32.ocx (Garmin Communicator Plug-In by Garmin International)
  67. ogacheckcontrol.dll (Office Genuine Advantage by Microsoft)
  68. ipixx.ocx (iPIXX ActiveX Control Module by Internet Pictures)
  69. iuengine.dll (Windows Update Control Engine by Microsoft)
  70. weddingdash2web. (WeddingDash2Web. by PlayFirst)
  71. kingcomie.dll (Game Control for Midasplayer.com Ltd / king.com by Midasplayercom Ltd)
  72. greatchocolatechaseweb. (GreatChocolateChaseWeb. by PlayFirst)
  73. trijinx. (TriJinx. by PlayFirst)
  74. myspaceuploader.ocx (MySpace Image Uploader by MySpace)
  75. imageuploader5.ocx (Facebook Photo Uploader 5 by Facebook)
  76. gwfspidgen.dll (Microsoft PidGen by Microsoft)
  77. sfuploadplugin.ocx (Shutterfly Picture Upload Plugin by Shutterfly)
  78. axcontrol.dll (Green Gamer loader by Digital Factory Ltd)
  79. popcaploader.dll (PopCapLoader Module by PopCap Games)
  80. manager.exe (Akamai Download Manager ActiveX Control Module by Akamai Technologies)
  81. downloadmanagerv2.ocx (Akamai Download Manager ActiveX Control Module by Akamai Technologies)
  82. opuc.dll (Microsoft Office System 2005 by Microsoft)
  83. staticic.exe (StaticIC Application by Dell Inc)
  84. invcol.exe (Inventory Collector by Dell Inc)
  85. playparkax.ocx (Playpark ActiveX Control by Asiasoft Public Company Limited)
  86. garminaxcontrol.ocx (Garmin Communicator Plug-In by Garmin International)
  87. ipaqinfo_2003.dll (by Hewlett-Packard Company)
  88. ipaqinfo_510.dll ( iPAQInfo Dynamic Link Library by Hewlett-Packard Company)
  89. npkcx.ocx (nProtect KeyCrypt ActiveX Control by INCA Internet Co)
  90. ractrlkeyhook.dll (by LogMeIn)
  91. spr32x35.ocx (Spread by FarPoint Technologies)
  92. ltwvc13n.dll (LEADTOOLS(r) DLL for Win32 by LEAD Technologies)
  93. ltdis13n.dll (LEADTOOLS(r) DLL for Win32 by CyberLink)
  94. ltfil13n.dll (LEADTOOLS(r) DLL for Win32 by CyberLink)
  95. ltimg13n.dll (LEADTOOLS(r) DLL for Win32 by LEAD Technologies)
  96. ltefx13n.dll (LEADTOOLS(r) DLL for Win32 by LEAD Technologies)
  97. grtransferctrl.dll (Microsoft File Transfer Control by Microsoft)
  98. grtransfermgr.dll (grTransferMgr Module by Microsoft)
  99. transfermgr.exe (Microsoft File Transfer Manager by Microsoft)
  100. hpdexaxo.dll (HPDEXAXO by Hewlett-Packard Company)
  101. libexpatw.dll (by Tencent Technology(Shenzhen) Company Limited)
  102. bdoscandel.exe
  103. photochannel.dll (PhotoCenter Active X control by PNI Digital Media)
  104. xmlcache.dll (XMLCache Module by HomeSeekerscom)
  105. deployjava1.dll (Java(TM) Platform SE 6 U24 by Sun Microsystems)
  106. jp2iexp.dll (Java(TM) Platform SE 7 U5 by Oracle America)
  107. syncactivex2.dll (Ford Sync ActiveX by Ford Motor Company)
  108. setupapi.dll (Windows Setup API by Microsoft)
  109. hpisdatamanager.dll (Hewlett-Packard Online Support Services by Hewlett-Packard Company)
  110. npkcrypt.dll (nProtect KeyCrypt Driver Support Dll by INCA Internet Co)
  111. npkpdb.dll (nProtect KeyCrypt Program Database DLL by INCA Internet Co)
  112. npkagt.exe (nProtect KeyCrypt Agent by INCA Internet Co)
  113. npkuninst.exe (nProtect KeyCrypt Uninstaller by INCA Internet Co)
  114. inicryptosdk.dll (INICRYPTOSDK_dll Dynamic Link Library )
  115. npksvcupdate.exe (nProtect Service Updater by INCA Internet Co)
  116. npkupd.exe (nProtect KeyCrypt Update by INCA Internet Co)
  117. activexres_eng.dll (ActiveXRes_ENG Dynamic Link Library )
  118. activexres_chi.dll (ActiveXRes_CHI Dynamic Link Library )
  119. remconfigres_eng.dll (RemConfigRes_ENG Dynamic Link Library )
  120. remconfigres_chi.dll (RemConfigRes_CHI Dynamic Link Library )
  121. showremconfig.dll (ShowRemConfig Dynamic Link Library )
  122. playbackactivex23.ocx (PlaybackActiveX23 ActiveX Control Module )
  123. realplayactivex23.ocx (RealPlayActiveX23 ActiveX Control Module )
  124. netvideoactivex23.ocx (NetVideoActiveX23 ActiveX Control Module )
  125. lib_voiceengine_dll.dll (hisi_voice_engine by 海思半导体有限公司 Hisilicon Co Ltd)
  126. ltkrn13n.dll (LEADTOOLS(r) DLL for Win32 by LEAD Technologies)
  127. streamtransclient.dll (StreamTransClient.dll )
  128. systemtransform.dll (SystemTransform.dll )
  129. playctrl.dll (PlayCtrl.dll )
  130. hcnetsdk.dll (HCNetSDK by HIKVISION)
  131. searchlogactivex23.ocx (SearchLogActiveX23 ActiveX Control Module )
  132. calendar.ocx (Calendar ActiveX Control Module )
  133. dldrv.ocx (Dldrv2 ActiveX Control Module by GIGA-BYTE TECHNOLOGY CO)
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