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What is the Logitech digital certificate?

The main purpose of the digital certificate is to ensure that the application belongs to the entity to which the certificate was issued. The Logitech digital certificate does not guarantee that a signed application is safe to run, but rather informs the user that the software was digitally signed by Logitech and verified by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).
Logitech designs and manufactures computer and electronics peripherals such as mice, keyboards, speakers, and remote controls. The company develops and markets products like peripheral devices for PCs, including keyboards, mice, microphones, game controllers and webcams. Logitech also makes home and computer speakers, headphones, wireless audio devices, as well as audio devices for MP3 players and mobile phones. www.logitech.com
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Logitech Certificate Authority (CA): VeriSign

Files signed with the Logitech digital certificate

  1. mx5500.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  2. lbtinte.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  3. logitechdevicedetection64.ocx (Logitech Device Detection by Logitech)
  4. h800.exe (Logitech H800 Headset by Logitech)
  5. lglcdapi.dll (LCD Software by Logitech)
  6. lcdextdevmngremulator.dll (LCD Software by Logitech)
  7. lcdcountdown.exe (LCD Software by Logitech)
  8. lcdpop3.exe (LCD Software by Logitech)
  9. lcdmedia.exe (LCD Software by Logitech)
  10. lcdclock.exe (LCD Software by Logitech)
  11. lcdmon.exe (LCD Software by Logitech)
  12. launchershortcut.exe (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  13. syncext.dll (Logitech Desktop Messenger by Logitech)
  14. logitechdevicedetection32.ocx (Logitech Device Detection by Logitech)
  15. winrtproxy.dll (WinRTProxy Software by Logitech)
  16. khalsmooth.dll (ScrollApp by Logitech)
  17. macrostromboli.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  18. lbtwiz.exe (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  19. lgdres.dll (Logitech GamePanel Software by Logitech)
  20. lgdevagt.exe (Logitech GamePanel Software by Logitech)
  21. lgdcore.exe (Logitech GamePanel Software by Logitech)
  22. macrotraylock.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  23. lcabhandler.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  24. kemmon.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  25. macroemail.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  26. macromedia.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  27. khalwrapper.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  28. khalusb.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  29. khalhid.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  30. khalmou.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  31. khalhpp.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  32. khalmw.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  33. khalitch.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  34. khalapi.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  35. kbcplext.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  36. khalmnpr.exe (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  37. lgssqvga.dll (Logitech GamePanel Software by Logitech)
  38. lglcdapi.dll (Logitech GamePanel Software by Logitech)
  39. lgssbw.dll (Logitech GamePanel Software by Logitech)
  40. lcdwebcam.exe (Logitech GamePanel Software by Logitech)
  41. lcdmovieviewer.exe (Logitech GamePanel Software by Logitech)
  42. lcdpictureviewer.exe (Logitech GamePanel Software by Logitech)
  43. setpointsmoothfirefox.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  44. winrtproxy.dll (by Logitech)
  45. gamehook.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  46. kgame.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  47. macroappswitch.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  48. webbrowsersupport.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  49. imhook.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  50. macrocore.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  51. setpointcom.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  52. kemwnd.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  53. kemutil.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  54. kemutb.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  55. kemxml.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  56. lgscroll.dll (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  57. setpoint.exe (Logicool SetPoint by Logitech)
  58. lvapi11.dll (Logitech Webcam Software by Logitech)
  59. macrobt.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  60. logismooth.dll (ScrollApp by Logitech)
  61. khalscroll.exe (ScrollApp by Logitech)
  62. w2kdapi.dll (Logitech Gaming Software by Logitech)
  63. lwprfrc.dll (Logitech Gaming Software by Logitech)
  64. lwcomctl.dll (Logitech Gaming Software by Logitech)
  65. lwgstore.dll (Logitech Gaming Software by Logitech)
  66. lwutils.dll (Logitech Gaming Software by Logitech)
  67. khalmnpr.exe (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  68. lbtintm.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  69. lbtwiz.exe (Bluetooth Services by Logitech)
  70. logiperformanceroutines.dll (by Logitech)
  71. videoc.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  72. picpadcore.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  73. libmp4v2.dll (MP4v2 by Logitech)
  74. moviestill.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  75. picpad.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  76. avutil-50.dll (by Logitech)
  77. avcodec-52.dll (by Logitech)
  78. avformat-52.dll (by Logitech)
  79. avsrc.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  80. avcapture.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  81. videocontrolwrapper.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  82. capturemanager.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  83. _picvid.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  84. emailwrapper.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  85. qtnetwork4.dll (Qt4 by Logitech)
  86. qtxmlpatterns4.dll (Qt4 by Logitech)
  87. phonon4.dll (Qt4 by Logitech)
  88. qtwebkit4.dll (Qt4 by Logitech)
  89. launcher_core.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  90. launcher.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  91. launcher_main.exe (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  92. vmsysps.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  93. mmsysps.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  94. fxpreviewps.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  95. mrsystemps.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  96. vmsystem.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  97. mmsystem.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  98. ne_ltmapper.dll (Neven Vision Animation Mapper by Logitech)
  99. maptrackdata.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  100. granny2.dll (Granny by Logitech)
  101. pixomatic.dll (Pixomatic by Logitech)
  102. dx9pixo.dll (Pixomatic DX9 Wrapper by Logitech)
  103. rendererif.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  104. mrsystem.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  105. fxpreview.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  106. umvplmute.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  107. umvpl.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  108. l4301_solar.exe (Solar App Software by Logitech)
  109. lwemon.exe (Logitech Gaming Software by Logitech)
  110. harmonyremote.exe (by Logitech)
  111. setpointsmooth.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  112. logiappbroker.exe (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  113. h264viddecodeapi.dll (mpegable H.264 Decoder by Logitech)
  114. h264nvidiaviddecodeapi.dll (mpegableVideoSDK H.264 Decoder NVidia by Logitech)
  115. streamio2.dll (mpegable StreamIO2 by Logitech)
  116. h264videncodeapi.dll (mpegable H.264 Encoder by Logitech)
  117. lulnchr.exe (Logitech Updater (LU) by Logitech)
  118. logitechupdate.exe (Logitech Updater (LU) by Logitech)
  119. umvplmuteps.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  120. kemhook.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  121. gamehook.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  122. imhook.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  123. macrocore.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  124. khalwrapper.dll (by Logitech)
  125. cocimanagerps.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  126. lgscroll.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  127. mcplext.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  128. cocimanager.exe (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  129. profilemanager.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  130. logiosd.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  131. lglcdapi.dll (Logitech Gaming Framework by Logitech)
  132. nplogitechdevicedetection.dll (Logitech Device Detection by Logitech)
  133. lcdrss.exe (Logitech GamePanel Software by Logitech)
  134. lcdpop3.exe (Logitech GamePanel Software by Logitech)
  135. lcdcountdown.exe (Logitech GamePanel Software by Logitech)
  136. setpointii.exe (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  137. lcdclock.exe (Logitech GamePanel Software by Logitech)
  138. lcore.exe (Logitech Gaming Framework by Logitech)
  139. lcdmedia.exe (Logitech GamePanel Software by Logitech)
  140. lcabhandler.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  141. kgame.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  142. kemmon.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  143. macroemail.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  144. macromedia.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  145. macroappswitch.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  146. webbrowsersupport.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  147. macrocore.dll (by Logitech)
  148. kemutil.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  149. setpointcom.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  150. kemutb.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  151. kemwnd.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  152. kemxml.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  153. khalwrapper.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  154. khalusb.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  155. khalhid.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  156. khalmou.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  157. khalhpp.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  158. khalmw.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  159. khalitch.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  160. lbtserv.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  161. khalapi.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  162. setpoint.exe (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  163. khalmnpr.exe (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  164. devmanagercore.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  165. videoeffects.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  166. cameracontrols_core.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  167. vfxcore.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  168. cameracontrolsui.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  169. camerahelperui.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  170. qjpeg4.dll (Qt4 by Logitech)
  171. qgif4.dll (Qt4 by Logitech)
  172. main_help.dll (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  173. qtxml4.dll (Qt4 by Logitech)
  174. qtgui4.dll (Qt4 by Logitech)
  175. qtcore4.dll (Qt4 by Logitech)
  176. ereg.exe (PowerReg by Logitech)
  177. camerahelpershell.exe (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  178. lws.exe (Logitech Camera Software by Logitech)
  179. umvpfsrv.exe (Logitech Webcam Software by Logitech)
  180. logilda.dll (Logitech Download Assistant by Logitech)
  181. kbcplext.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  182. lbtwlgn.dll (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
  183. lbtserv.exe (Logitech SetPoint by Logitech)
Pubishers signed by Logitech
About (from Logitech at www.logitech.com)
Focused on innovation and quality, Logitech designs personal peripherals to help people enjoy a better experience with the digital world. We started in 1981 with mice, which (new at the time) provided a more intuitive way of interacting with a personal computer. We became the worldwide leader in computer mice, and have reinvented the mouse in dozens of ways to match the evolving needs of PC and laptop users.

Since those early days, we have expanded our expertise in product design beyond the computer mouse, with a broad portfolio of interface devices that are the “last inch” between you and your computer or your console game, digital music or home-entertainment system.

With products sold in almost every country in the world, Logitech’s leadership in innovation now encompasses a wide variety of personal peripherals (both cordless and corded), with special emphasis on products for PC navigation, gaming, Internet communications, digital music and home-entertainment control.

For each of our product categories, we study how our customers use their digital devices, and then our designers and engineers set their sights on how we can create a better experience with those devices – richer, more comfortable, more fun, more productive, more convenient, more delightful.
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