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What is the VeriSign digital certificate?

The main purpose of the digital certificate is to ensure that the application belongs to the entity to which the certificate was issued. The VeriSign digital certificate does not guarantee that a signed application is safe to run, but rather informs the user that the software was digitally signed by VeriSign and verified by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).
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VeriSign Certificate Authority (CA): VeriSign

Files signed with the VeriSign digital certificate

  1. wzcnf.dll (Conflict Viewer by Microsoft)
  2. btn32a20.ocx (Button Objx by FarPoint Technologies)
  3. pandora10a.exe ( setup by Microsoft)
  4. todl7.ocx (TDBL6 by ComponentOne LLC)
  5. ssdw3bo.ocx (Data Widgets by Sheridan Software Systems)
  6. tdbl7.ocx (TDBL6 by ComponentOne LLC)
  7. tdbg7.ocx (TDBG7 by ComponentOne LLC)
  8. igthreed40.ocx (UltraToolBars by Infragistics)
  9. phpctrl.dll (PhPControl Module by Callisto)
  10. vipotpprov64.dll (VIPAccessSDK by Symantec)
  11. gatewaybroker.ocx (GatewayBroker by Intuit)
  12. qbdtview.ocx (QBDTView by Intuit)
  13. qbprefs.dll (QuickBooks for Windows by Intuit)
  14. ecredit.dll (QuickBooks for Windows by Intuit)
  15. spr32x60.ocx (Spread by FarPoint Technologies)
  16. ctrviewtooltip.ocx (CtrViewToolTip by Intuit)
  17. qbctrspacer.ocx (QuickBooks 2002 by Intuit)
  18. qbcscbvw.ocx (QuickBooks 2002 by Intuit)
  19. ctrviewhtml.ocx (QuickBooks 2002 by Intuit)
  20. qbctrtitle.ocx (QuickBooks 2001 by Intuit)
  21. ctrviewtable.ocx (QuickBooks 2002 by Intuit)
  22. ctrviewgraph.ocx (QuickBooks 2002 by Intuit)
  23. flp32a30.ocx (ListPro by FarPoint Technologies)
  24. msoffice.exe (Microsoft Office XP by Microsoft)
  25. gswag32.dll (AutoGraph by Bits Per Second Ltd)
  26. gswdll32.dll (Graphics Server by Bits Per Second Ltd)
  27. tlist5.ocx (TLIST by Bennet-Tec Information Systems)
  28. gsw32.exe (Graphics Server by Bits Per Second Ltd)
  29. tdbg5.ocx (TDBG5 by APEX Software)
  30. splitter.ocx (ActiveThreed by Sheridan Software Systems)
  31. jrpcard.dll (Microsoft Word by Microsoft)
  32. sstree.ocx (ActiveTreeView by Infragistics)
  33. arviewer.ocx (ActiveReports Viewer Control by Data Dynamics)
  34. sscala32.ocx (Calendar Widgets by Sheridan Software Systems)
  35. ppro20g.ocx (ImageFX PhotoPRO Control by Pegasus Software LLC)
  36. joystk32.ocx (JOYSTK )
  37. mhgaug32.ocx (OLETools 6.50 by BeCubed Software)
  38. mhalrm32.ocx (OLETools 6.50 by BeCubed Software)
  39. mhinvi32.ocx (OLETools 6.50 by BeCubed Software)
  40. todg6.ocx (TDBG6 by APEX Software)
  41. pvtreex.ocx (ProtoView TreeViewX v7.0 by ProtoView Development)
  42. ss32x25.ocx (Spread by FarPoint Technologies)
  43. spr32x35.ocx (Spread by FarPoint Technologies)
  44. atsc51.dll (AuthenTec Sensor Control Library by AuthenTec)
  45. actbar.ocx (ActiveBar by Data Dynamics)
  46. ssresz30.ocx (ActiveThreed Plus by Infragistics)
  47. ssscrl30.ocx (ActiveThreed Plus by Infragistics)
  48. ssspls30.ocx (ActiveThreed Plus by Infragistics)
  49. ssa3d30.ocx (ActiveThreed Plus by Infragistics)
  50. todg7.ocx (TODG7 by ComponentOne LLC)
  51. ssdw3bo.ocx (Data Widgets by Infragistics)
  52. pvtreex.ocx (ProtoView TreeViewX v8.0 by ProtoView Development)
  53. crviewer.dll (Crystal Reports by Seagate Software)
  54. sssplt30.ocx (ActiveThreed Plus by Sheridan Software Systems)
  55. ssdw3a32.ocx (Data Widgets by Infragistics)
  56. ssscrl30.ocx (ActiveThreed Plus by Sheridan Software Systems)
  57. sstbars.ocx (ActiveToolBars by Sheridan Software Systems)
  58. sstree.ocx (ActiveTreeView by Sheridan Software Systems)
  59. sstbars2.ocx (ActiveToolBars Plus by Sheridan Software Systems)
  60. sslstbar.ocx (ActiveListBar by Sheridan Software Systems)
  61. richtxt.ocx (RichText by Microsoft)
  62. pvdateedit.ocx (Infragistics Date Edit by Infragistics)
  63. pvcurr.ocx (Infragistics WinX )
  64. ssinput1.ocx (UltraGrid by Infragistics)
  65. graphs32.ocx (GRAPHS by Bits Per Second Ltd)
  66. pdf.ocx (PDF by Adobe Systems)
  67. ssdw3b32.ocx (Data Widgets by Sheridan Software Systems)
  68. tlist4.ocx (TLIST by Bennet-Tec Information Systems)
  69. tdbg6.ocx (TDBG6 by APEX Software)
  70. o2cplayer.ocx (O2C-Player ActiveX Control by mb Software AG)
  71. threed20.ocx (ActiveThreed by Sheridan Software Systems)
  72. dtcserv.dll (Microsoft (R) Visual InterDev by Microsoft)
  73. ssdw3b32.ocx (Data Widgets by Infragistics)
  74. vidtc2.dll (Microsoft (R) Visual InterDev by Microsoft)
  75. isdesign.ocx (Visual InterDev by Microsoft)
  76. vidtc3.ocx (Vidtc3 by Microsoft)
  77. griddtc.ocx (Visual Interdev by MS)
  78. tegods.ocx (TegoSoft DirectSound Based ActiveX Control by TegoSoft Web Site: http://wwwtegosoftcom)
  79. pvdateedit9.ocx (Infragistics Date Edit by Infragistics)
  80. pvprgbar.ocx (pctbar32 OLE Control Module by Infragistics)
  81. pvcalendar9.ocx (PVATLCalendar Module by Infragistics)
  82. pdf.ocx (Adobe Acrobat PDF by Adobe Systems)
  83. acroiehelper.ocx (AcroIEHelper Module )
  84. eefonts.dll (EEFonts by Microsoft)
  85. msodraa9.dll (msodraa9 by Microsoft)
  86. msolapui.dll (Microsoft SQL Server OLAP Services by Microsoft)
  87. ouactrl.ocx (Microsoft Office 2000 by Microsoft)
  88. dtcrt.dll (Microsoft (R) Visual InterDev by Microsoft)
  89. spr32x30.ocx (Spread by FarPoint Technologies)
  90. tdbl6.ocx (TDBL6 by APEX Software)
  91. osa.exe (Microsoft Office XP by Microsoft)
  92. appwiz.ocx (VB 6 Application Wizard by Microsoft)
  93. webpage.dll (WebPage by Microsoft)
  94. msohev.dll (Microsoft Office XP by Microsoft)
  95. dataform.ocx (VB 6 Data Form Wizard by Microsoft)
  96. msdatgrd.ocx (MS DataGrid Control by Microsoft)
  97. msadodc.ocx (Microsoft ADO Data Control by Microsoft)
  98. msdatrep.ocx (MS DataRepeater Control Library by Microsoft)
  99. msinet.ocx (Microsoft Internet Transfer Control by Microsoft)
  100. mswinsck.ocx (Microsoft Winsock Control by Microsoft)
  101. pdwizard.ocx (Package and Deployment Wizard by Microsoft)
  102. msdatlst.ocx (MS DataList Controls Library by Microsoft)
  103. msmask32.ocx (MSMask by Microsoft)
  104. mci32.ocx (MCI by Microsoft)
  105. mscomm32.ocx (MSComm by Microsoft)
  106. msrdc20.ocx (RemoteData Control by Microsoft)
  107. msmapi32.ocx (MSMAPI Controls Library by Microsoft)
  108. dblist32.ocx (DBList Object Library by Microsoft)
  109. dbgrid32.ocx (DBGrid32 by Microsoft)
  110. msflxgrd.ocx (Microsoft FlexGrid Control by Microsoft)
  111. mschrt20.ocx (Microsoft Chart by Microsoft)
  112. crviewer9.dll (Crystal Reports by Crystal Decisions)
  113. mshflxgd.ocx (Microsoft Hierarchical FlexGrid Control by Microsoft)
  114. comct232.ocx (Microsoft Common Controls 2 Object Library by Microsoft)
  115. comdlg32.ocx (CMDIALOG by Microsoft)
  116. mscomctl.ocx (COMCTL by Microsoft)
  117. comctl32.ocx (COMCTL by Microsoft)
  118. ssa3d30.ocx (ActiveThreed Plus by Sheridan Software Systems)
Pubishers signed by VeriSign
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