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What is the F-Secure Corporation digital certificate?

The main purpose of the digital certificate is to ensure that the application belongs to the entity to which the certificate was issued. The F-Secure Corporation digital certificate does not guarantee that a signed application is safe to run, but rather informs the user that the software was digitally signed by F-Secure Corporation and verified by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).
F-Secure Corporation (formerly Data Fellows) is an anti-virus and computer security and computer software company based in Helsinki, Finland. The company has 20 country offices and a presence in more than 100 countries, with Security Lab operations in Helsinki, Finland and in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Through more 200 operator partners globally, millions of broadband customer use F-Secure services. The current line of home-user products from F-Secure includes F-Secure Internet Security, F-Secure Anti-Virus, F-Secure Anti-Virus for Mac, F-Secure Mobile Security, F-Secure Online Backup and F-Secure Free Anti-theft for Mobile. White-labeled versions of F-Secure’s security software are also available through operators around the world via monthly or yearly subscription plans. F-Secure has OEM agreements with several security vendors to integrate detection technology engines in its own offerings. www.f-secure.com
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F-Secure Corporation Certificate Authorities (CA): GlobalSign nv-sa, VeriSign

Files signed with the F-Secure Corporation digital certificate

  1. cuifwebkit.dll (F-Secure Common User Interface Framework by F-Secure)
  2. safesearchapp.dll (F-Secure Safe Search Application by F-Secure)
  3. fsaua_api_dll.dll (F-Secure Common Client Foundation by F-Secure)
  4. fs_ie_https.dll (F-Secure Online Safety by F-Secure)
  5. flyer.dll (F-Secure Computer Security GUI by F-Secure)
  6. guilaunc.dll (F-Secure Computer Security GUI by F-Secure)
  7. gres.dll (F-Secure Computer Security GUI by F-Secure)
  8. fsmuiav.dll (F-Secure Computer Security GUI by F-Secure)
  9. fs_win_store_app_api_32.dll (F-Secure Anti-Virus by F-Secure)
  10. email.dll (F-Secure Computer Security GUI by F-Secure)
  11. auasettings.dll (F-Secure Computer Security GUI by F-Secure)
  12. antivirus.dll (F-Secure Computer Security GUI by F-Secure)
  13. managementagent.dll (F-Secure Computer Security GUI by F-Secure)
  14. winfirewall.dll (F-Secure Computer Security GUI by F-Secure)
  15. navigator.dll (F-Secure Computer Security GUI by F-Secure)
  16. localeinfo.dll (F-Secure Computer Security GUI by F-Secure)
  17. fs_gaming_mode_32.dll (F-Secure Common Client Foundation by F-Secure)
  18. fs_gaming_mode_ui.dll (F-Secure Common Client Foundation by F-Secure)
  19. legacylink.dll (F-Secure Computer Security GUI by F-Secure)
  20. help.dll (F-Secure Computer Security GUI by F-Secure)
  21. status.dll (F-Secure Computer Security GUI by F-Secure)
  22. about.dll (F-Secure Computer Security GUI by F-Secure)
  23. licensing.dll (F-Secure Computer Security GUI by F-Secure)
  24. fs_cs_status_notification.dll (F-Secure Computer Security GUI by F-Secure)
  25. productinfo.dll (F-Secure Computer Security GUI by F-Secure)
  26. systeminfo.dll (F-Secure Computer Security GUI by F-Secure)
  27. ftrlib.dll (File Type Recognition Library API by F-Secure)
  28. fssm32.exe (F-Secure Anti-Virus by F-Secure)
  29. fsgk32.exe (F-Secure Anti-Virus by F-Secure)
  30. fslaunch.exe (F-Secure Management Agent by F-Secure)
  31. fsusscr.dll (F-Secure Universal System Scanner, Core by F-Secure)
  32. trigger.exe (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  33. licensing.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  34. centralmanagement.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  35. email.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  36. auasettings.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  37. antivirus.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  38. winfirewall.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  39. managementagent.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  40. help.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  41. controlpaneltools.dll (F-Secure Online Safety by F-Secure)
  42. about.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  43. fs_cs_status_notification.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  44. fsccapi.dll (F-Secure Online Safety by F-Secure)
  45. onlinesafety.dll (F-Secure Online Safety by F-Secure)
  46. localeinfo.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  47. tryandbuy.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  48. systeminfo.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  49. status.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  50. productinfo.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  51. legacylink.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  52. navigator.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  53. qjpeg4.dll (Qt4 by F-Secure)
  54. onlinesafetywidgets.dll (F-Secure Online Safety by F-Secure)
  55. qtopengl4.dll (Qt4 by F-Secure)
  56. qtmultimediakit1.dll (QtMultimediaKit by F-Secure)
  57. gres.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  58. fs_customization_reader_32.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  59. fsav32.dll (F-Secure Anti-Virus by F-Secure)
  60. fs_ccf_ni_plg_ulfw32.dll (F-Secure ULFW by F-Secure)
  61. fsosstat.dll (F-Secure Online Safety by F-Secure)
  62. fs_ccf_ni_plg_wts.dll (F-Secure WTS by F-Secure)
  63. fs_ccf_download_32.dll (F-Secure Common Client Foundation by F-Secure)
  64. fs_ccf_ni_plg_orsp32.dll (F-Secure Network Filter by F-Secure)
  65. fs_ccf_ni_plg_http_util32.dll (F-Secure Network Filter by F-Secure)
  66. fs_ols_ni_plg_contentfilter32.dll (F-Secure Online Safety by F-Secure)
  67. fs_ccf_ni_plg_blockpage32.dll (F-Secure Network Filter by F-Secure)
  68. fs_ccf_ni_plg_banking_protection32.dll (F-Secure Network Filter by F-Secure)
  69. fs_ccf_flyer_api.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  70. ccf_licensing.dll (F-Secure Common Client Foundation by F-Secure)
  71. fs_ccf_nid32.dll (F-Secure Network Filter by F-Secure)
  72. fsgk32st.dll (F-Secure Anti-Virus by F-Secure)
  73. fsmbb32.dll (F-Secure Mobile Broadband by F-Secure)
  74. fs_se_hotfix_plugin.dll (F-Secure Common Client Foundation by F-Secure)
  75. fshook32.dll (F-Secure DeepGuard™ by F-Secure)
  76. daas2.dll (daas2 by F-Secure)
  77. fslsp.dll (F-Secure Protocol Scanner LSP by F-Secure)
  78. fsisunt.dll (F-Secure Setup by F-Secure)
  79. fsisu.dll (F-Secure Setup by F-Secure)
  80. fships.dll (F-Secure DeepGuard™ by F-Secure)
  81. fsgkiapi.dll (F-Secure Corp. fsgkiapi by F-Secure)
  82. fsscgui.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  83. fsmaui32.dll (F-Secure Management Agent by F-Secure)
  84. ispnews.dll (F-Secure ISP News by F-Secure)
  85. flyer.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  86. fsavesui.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  87. guiplugn.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  88. guilaunc.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  89. fsauainfo.dll (F-Secure Automatic Update Agent by F-Secure)
  90. fsmuiav.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  91. aboutres.dll (by F-Secure)
  92. about.dll (by F-Secure)
  93. orspplug.dll (F-Secure ORSP Client by F-Secure)
  94. fsecr32.dll (F-Secure Anti-Virus by F-Secure)
  95. fm4av.dll (File Management Library by F-Secure)
  96. fsusscr.dll (F-Secure Universal System Scan, Core by F-Secure)
  97. fsuss.dll (F-Secure Universal System Scan, Proxy by F-Secure)
  98. fsas.dll (F-Secure Scanner Loader by F-Secure)
  99. daas2.dll (daas2 by F-Secure)
  100. fsepx32.dll (F-Secure Anti-Virus by F-Secure)
  101. fsgeme.dll (Gemini engine by F-Secure)
  102. fsgem.dll (Gemini proxy by F-Secure)
  103. fpiaqu.dll (F-Secure Anti-Virus by F-Secure)
  104. json_c.dll (F-Secure ORSP Client by F-Secure)
  105. orspapi.dll (F-Secure ORSP Client by F-Secure)
  106. fshive2.dll (F-Secure Anti-Virus by F-Secure)
  107. hashlib_x86.dll (F-Secure Hashing library by F-Secure)
  108. fsscoepl.dll (F-Secure Spam Control by F-Secure)
  109. fsbwups_.dll (F-Secure Automatic Update Agent by F-Secure)
  110. amehlog.dll (F-Secure Management Agent by F-Secure)
  111. amehevn.dll (F-Secure Management Agent by F-Secure)
  112. ondemandinstallwatcher.dll (by F-Secure)
  113. fameh32.dll (F-Secure Management Agent by F-Secure)
  114. fspmeng.dll (F-Secure Management Agent by F-Secure)
  115. fch32.dll (F-Secure Management Agent by F-Secure)
  116. fsclm.dll (F-Secure Win32 Crypto Library by F-Secure)
  117. fsma32.dll (F-Secure Management Agent by F-Secure)
  118. qrt.dll (F-Secure Corporation Qrt by F-Secure)
  119. fsched.dll (F-Secure Anti-Virus by F-Secure)
  120. fslapi.dll (F-Secure Localization Framework by F-Secure)
  121. fswscs.dll (F-Secure Windows Security Center Suport by F-Secure)
  122. fstnb.dll (F-Secure TNB by F-Secure)
  123. fspmapi.dll (F-Secure Management Agent by F-Secure)
  124. fsma32s.dll (F-Secure Management Agent by F-Secure)
  125. qtclucene4.dll (Qt4 by F-Secure)
  126. qthelp4.dll (Help by F-Secure)
  127. fsav.exe (F-Secure Anti-Virus by F-Secure)
  128. tnbutil.exe (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  129. fsscgui64.dll (F-Secure CUIF by F-Secure)
  130. fsfwperf.dll (F-Secure Internet Shield by F-Secure)
  131. fsaua_api_dll64.dll (F-Secure Automatic Update Agent by F-Secure)
  132. json_c64.dll (F-Secure ORSP Client by F-Secure)
  133. orspapi64.dll (F-Secure ORSP Client by F-Secure)
  134. fsesperf.dll (F-Secure Anti-Virus® E-Mail Scanning by F-Secure)
  135. fsmirror.dll (F-Secure Anti-Virus® E-Mail Scanning by F-Secure)
  136. fslapi64.dll (F-Secure Localization Framework by F-Secure)
  137. fstnb64.dll (F-Secure TNB by F-Secure)
  138. fsumi.dll (F-Secure DeepGuard™ by F-Secure)
  139. fsumihost.dll (F-Secure DeepGuard™ by F-Secure)
  140. fspmapi_64.dll (F-Secure Management Agent by F-Secure)
  141. fsma_64.dll (F-Secure Management Agent by F-Secure)
  142. fslsp_x64.dll (F-Secure Protocol Scanner LSP by F-Secure)
  143. fsgkiapi_x64.dll (F-Secure Corp. fsgkiapi by F-Secure)
  144. fsscoepl_x64.dll (F-Secure Spam Control by F-Secure)
  145. fshook64.dll (F-Secure DeepGuard™ by F-Secure)
  146. fpshx.dll (F-Secure Anti-Virus by F-Secure)
  147. baselitmus.dll (Litmus by F-Secure)
  148. tnbutil.exe (F-Secure Try & Buy Utility by F-Secure)
  149. fsgk32.exe (F-Secure Corp. fsgk32 by F-Secure)
  150. fsav32.exe (F-Secure Anti-Virus by F-Secure)
  151. fssm32.exe (F-Secure Corp. fssm32 by F-Secure)
  152. fsscoepl_x64.exe (F-Secure Spam Control by F-Secure)
  153. fsdfwd.exe (F-Secure Internet Shield by F-Secure)
  154. fsma32.exe (F-Secure Management Agent by F-Secure)
  155. fsorsp.exe (F-Secure ORSP Client by F-Secure)
  156. fsgk32st.exe (F-Secure Anti-Virus by F-Secure)
  157. fshdll32.exe (F-Secure Management Agent by F-Secure)
  158. fshdll64.exe (F-Secure Management Agent by F-Secure)
  159. fsm32.exe (F-Secure Management Agent by F-Secure)
  160. qmng4.dll (Qt4 by F-Secure)
  161. qico4.dll (Qt4 by F-Secure)
  162. flyerplugin.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  163. agent.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  164. cuifsimpleaction.dll (F-Secure Common User Interface Framework by F-Secure)
  165. localization.dll (F-Secure Common User Interface Framework by F-Secure)
  166. aboutplugin.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  167. fs_subscription_reminder.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  168. commonsettingsplugin.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  169. fsaua_api_dll.dll (F-Secure Automatic Update Agent by F-Secure)
  170. checkforupdatesui.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  171. helpplugin.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  172. actioncenterplugin.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  173. notificationshistoryplugin.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  174. launchpadplugin.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  175. serviceinstallerui.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  176. addproductplugin.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  177. qmng4.dll (Qt4 by F-Secure)
  178. qico4.dll (Qt4 by F-Secure)
  179. qgif4.dll (Qt4 by F-Secure)
  180. commonsettingswidgets.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  181. qtxmlpatterns4.dll (Qt4 by F-Secure)
  182. qtwebkit4.dll (Qt4 by F-Secure)
  183. actioncenterwidgets.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  184. launchpadwidgets.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  185. qtclucene4.dll (Qt4 by F-Secure)
  186. qtnetwork4.dll (Qt4 by F-Secure)
  187. qtsql4.dll (Qt4 by F-Secure)
  188. qthelp4.dll (Help by F-Secure)
  189. helpwidgets.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  190. servicewidgets.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  191. cuifwidgets.dll (F-Secure Common User Interface Framework by F-Secure)
  192. declarationhandler.dll (F-Secure Common User Interface Framework by F-Secure)
  193. qtgui4.dll (Qt4 by F-Secure)
  194. datalayer.dll (F-Secure Common User Interface Framework by F-Secure)
  195. cuiftypes.dll (F-Secure Common User Interface Framework by F-Secure)
  196. parserframework.dll (F-Secure Common User Interface Framework by F-Secure)
  197. jsonparser.dll (F-Secure Common User Interface Framework by F-Secure)
  198. controllayer.dll (F-Secure Common User Interface Framework by F-Secure)
  199. fs_ccf_action_center_api_32.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  200. fs_ccf_id_converter32.dll (F-Secure Common Client Foundation by F-Secure)
  201. fs_ccf_ticketingapi32.dll (F-Secure Common Client Foundation by F-Secure)
  202. fsaua.dll (F-Secure Automatic Update Agent by F-Secure)
  203. qtxml4.dll (Qt4 by F-Secure)
  204. qtcore4.dll (Qt4 by F-Secure)
  205. qtscript4.dll (Qt4 by F-Secure)
  206. fs_se_latebound.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  207. cuifapi.dll (F-Secure Common User Interface Framework by F-Secure)
  208. daemon.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  209. fs_secl_32.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  210. selocalinfoapi.dll (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  211. fs_ccf_settings32.dll (F-Secure Common Client Foundation by F-Secure)
  212. fs_ccf_upstream_32.dll (F-Secure Common Client Foundation by F-Secure)
  213. fs_ccf_upstream_plugin_32.dll (F-Secure Common Client Foundation by F-Secure)
  214. ccfhostershutdownplugin.dll (F-Secure Common Client Foundation by F-Secure)
  215. fs_ccf_settings_server.dll (F-Secure Common Client Foundation by F-Secure)
  216. ccfdllhosterapi.dll (F-Secure Common Client Foundation by F-Secure)
  217. ccfipc.dll (F-Secure Common Client Foundation by F-Secure)
  218. fs_installer_runner.exe (F-Secure Service Enabler by F-Secure)
  219. fshoster32.exe (F-Secure Common Client Foundation by F-Secure)
Pubishers signed by F-Secure Corporation
About (from F-Secure Corporation at www.f-secure.com)
F-Secure's promise, ‘Protecting the irreplaceable' captures the essence of what we do. We want to protect our customers' valuable digital content across devices and access – now and in the future – as our customers' needs and technologies evolve. By protecting and preventing the loss of valuable content, F-Secure's trusted services provide peace of mind for consumers and businesses in all their online activities. Our online software services are easy to use and delivered with dependable support.

Working with operators is a key element of our business strategy. F-Secure has partnerships with more than 200 operators around the world. By delivering software as a service, F-Secure enables companies to focus on their business priorities, without having to maintain the expertise and technology to cope with the constantly evolving threat landscape. Software as a service provides the strongest level of protection for the end customer – at a lower cost. Software as a service also brings new business opportunities for both business and consumer-focused operators. Backed up by our world-class technology and support, software as a service is easy to deploy.
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