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What is the AuthenTec digital certificate?

The main purpose of the digital certificate is to ensure that the application belongs to the entity to which the certificate was issued. The AuthenTec digital certificate does not guarantee that a signed application is safe to run, but rather informs the user that the software was digitally signed by AuthenTec and verified by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).
UPEK, Inc., the global leader in biometric fingerprint security solutions, offers integrated end-to-end solutions including comprehensive design & integration services to the world’s leading consumer and industrial products companies. UPEK solutions enable the strongest fingerprint authentication security available and effortless user convenience. UPEK security solutions are easy to deploy and integrate with existing infrastructure and network architectures. UPEK biometric security products enable a wide range of applications including password replacement for PCs and applications, centralized management for corporate network security, secure mobile transactions, protection of portable data, identity verification for government and military applications, and physical access control. UPEK has been pioneering biometric fingerprint technology since 1996 and shipping product in volume since 1999. UPEK is headquartered near Berkeley, California with offices in Prague, Singapore, Taipei and Tokyo. www.upek.com
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AuthenTec Certificate Authority (CA): VeriSign

Files signed with the AuthenTec digital certificate

  1. ps2css.dll (ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software by AuthenTec)
  2. downloadmanager.dll (DownloadManager by AuthenTec)
  3. atsc70.dll (AT7Stub by AuthenTec)
  4. autosoftwareupdate.dll (TrueSuite by AuthenTec)
  5. enumwindowsusers.dll (EnumWindowsUsers by AuthenTec)
  6. biolayeradapter.dll (BioLayerAdapter Dynamic Link Library by AuthenTec)
  7. npffwloplugin.dll (TrueSuite by AuthenTec)
  8. trueapiadapter.dll (AuthenTec TrueAPI by AuthenTec)
  9. simplepass launchsite.exe (TODO: by AuthenTec)
  10. downloadad.exe (DownloadAD by AuthenTec)
  11. trueotpauthentec.dll (AuthenTec TrueAPI by AuthenTec)
  12. fvcore.dll (KeepSafe by AuthenTec)
  13. inffv1.dll (KeepSafe by AuthenTec)
  14. fvns.dll (KeepSafe by AuthenTec)
  15. iebho.dll (TrueSuite by AuthenTec)
  16. fvsvr.exe (KeepSafe by AuthenTec)
  17. autosoftwareupdate.dll (Simple Pass by AuthenTec)
  18. enumwindowsusers.dll (Simple Pass by AuthenTec)
  19. truesuitedlg.dll (Simple Pass by AuthenTec)
  20. biolayeradapter.dll (Simple Pass by AuthenTec)
  21. npffwloplugin.dll (Simple Pass by AuthenTec)
  22. iewebsitelogon.exe (IEWebSiteLogon by AuthenTec)
  23. atsc70.dll (AuthenTec Sensor Control DLL by AuthenTec)
  24. psqlpwd.dll (ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software by AuthenTec)
  25. bpwb.dll (ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software by AuthenTec)
  26. bio.dll (ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software by AuthenTec)
  27. homefus2.dll (ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software by AuthenTec)
  28. homepass.dll (ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software by AuthenTec)
  29. qlbase.dll (ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software by AuthenTec)
  30. provider.dll (ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software by AuthenTec)
  31. infql2.dll (ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software by AuthenTec)
  32. fpapp.exe (Lenovo Fingerprint by AuthenTec)
  33. launcher.exe (ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software by AuthenTec)
  34. upeksvr.exe (ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software by AuthenTec)
  35. aewallet.resources.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  36. aewallet.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  37. asafe.resources.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  38. asafe.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  39. aspwdgen.resources.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  40. aspwdgen.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  41. pbclr.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  42. apwdbank.resources.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  43. apwdbank.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  44. interop.iwshruntimelibrary.dll (Assembly imported from type library 'IWshRuntimeLibrary'. by AuthenTec)
  45. aalaunch.resources.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  46. aalaunch.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  47. qlclrsrv.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  48. qlclr.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  49. ctlcntrv.resources.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  50. fselev.exe (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  51. ctlcntrv.exe (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  52. atengineadapter.dll (AuthenTec WBF by AuthenTec)
  53. atsensoradapter.dll (AuthenTec WBF by AuthenTec)
  54. ssutil.dll (by AuthenTec)
  55. datamanager.dll (DataManager Dynamic Link Library by AuthenTec)
  56. truesuite.autosoftwareupdate.dll (TrueSuite by AuthenTec)
  57. tokenmachine.dll (TrueSuite 5 by AuthenTec)
  58. biolayer.dll (BioLayer Dynamic Link Library by AuthenTec)
  59. tslog.dll (TrueSuite by AuthenTec)
  60. truesuiteservice.exe (TrueSuite by AuthenTec)
  61. biomonitor.exe (BioMonitor by AuthenTec)
  62. touchcontrol.exe (TrueSuite by AuthenTec)
  63. afssclientlib.dll (AuthenTec Fingerprint Security System (AFSS) by AuthenTec)
  64. trueotpvalidity.dll (AuthenTec TrueAPI by AuthenTec)
  65. datamanager.dll (Simple Pass 2012 by AuthenTec)
  66. truesuite.autosoftwareupdate.dll (Simple Pass 2012 by AuthenTec)
  67. tokenmachine.dll (Simple Pass 2012 by AuthenTec)
  68. biolayer.dll (Simple Pass 2012 by AuthenTec)
  69. tslog.dll (Simple Pass 2012 by AuthenTec)
  70. iebho.dll (Simple Pass 2012 by AuthenTec)
  71. biomonitor.exe (Simple Pass 2012 by AuthenTec)
  72. truesuiteservice.exe (Simple Pass 2012 by AuthenTec)
  73. touchcontrol.exe (SimplePass 2012 by AuthenTec)
  74. datamanager.dll (Simple Pass by AuthenTec)
  75. truesuite.autosoftwareupdate.dll (Simple Pass by AuthenTec)
  76. tokenmachine.dll (Simple Pass by AuthenTec)
  77. biolayer.dll (Simple Pass by AuthenTec)
  78. tslog.dll (Simple Pass by AuthenTec)
  79. iebho.dll (SimplePass by AuthenTec)
  80. trueservice.exe (AuthenTec TrueAPI by AuthenTec)
  81. truesuiteservice.exe (Simple Pass by AuthenTec)
  82. touchcontrol.exe (SimplePass by AuthenTec)
  83. biomonitor.exe (Simple Pass by AuthenTec)
  84. trueotpintel.dll (AuthenTec TrueAPI by AuthenTec)
  85. truesuite.autosoftwareupdate.dll (Simple Pass 2011 by AuthenTec)
  86. touchcontrol.exe (SimplePass 2011 by AuthenTec)
  87. trueapi.dll (AuthenTec TrueAPI by AuthenTec)
  88. datamanager.dll (Simple Pass 2011 by AuthenTec)
  89. tokenmachine.dll (Simple Pass 2011 by AuthenTec)
  90. biolayer.dll (Simple Pass 2011 by AuthenTec)
  91. tslog.dll (Simple Pass 2011 by AuthenTec)
  92. iebho.dll (Simple Pass 2011 by AuthenTec)
  93. touchcontrol.exe (Simple Pass 2011 by AuthenTec)
  94. biomonitor.exe (Simple Pass 2011 by AuthenTec)
  95. truesuiteservice.exe (Simple Pass 2011 by AuthenTec)
  96. tcwbf.dll (AuthenTec Fingerprint Driver by AuthenTec)
  97. upkbu.dll (AuthenTec Fingerprint Driver by AuthenTec)
  98. pbdnsup.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  99. spgappl.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  100. ewapplet.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  101. applaun.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  102. pwdbank.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  103. psqltray.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  104. bpwb.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  105. bio.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  106. homefus2.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  107. homepass.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  108. qlbase.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  109. provider.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  110. infql2.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  111. farchns.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  112. psqlpwd.dll (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  113. launcher.exe (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  114. psqltray.exe (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  115. upeksvr.exe (Protector Suite 2012 by AuthenTec)
  116. interop.shdocvw.dll (Assembly imported from type library 'SHDocVw'. by AuthenTec)
  117. atservice.exe (AuthenTec Fingerprint Security System (AFSS) by AuthenTec)
Pubishers signed by AuthenTec
About (from AuthenTec at www.upek.com)
At UPEK/AuthenTec, our vision is to provide complete security and identity management solutions for consumer, enterprise and government applications. AuthenTec is the world’s #1 provider of fingerprint sensors, identity management software, and embedded security solutions.

Already shipped on hundreds of millions of devices, the Company's smart sensor products, software and embedded security solutions are used virtually everywhere, from the PC on your desk to the mobile device in your hand to the server in the cloud. We offer a host of software, hardware and applications that help people manage their digital identities and enhance the fingerprint sensor user experience at work and home. AuthenTec Security Toolkits and VPN Client solutions, Semiconductor IP, and DRM solutions provide the most advanced levels of protection, reliability, and performance.
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