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What is the CyberLink Corp. digital certificate?

The main purpose of the digital certificate is to ensure that the application belongs to the entity to which the certificate was issued. The CyberLink Corp. digital certificate does not guarantee that a signed application is safe to run, but rather informs the user that the software was digitally signed by CyberLink Corp. and verified by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).
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CyberLink Corp. Certificate Authority (CA): VeriSign

Files signed with the CyberLink Corp. digital certificate

  1. clrcengine3.dll (CyberLink PowerDVD14 by CyberLink)
  2. pdvdlp.exe ( CyberLink PowerDVD14 by CyberLink)
  3. powerdvd14agent.exe (CyberLink PowerDVD 14 by CyberLink)
  4. power2go9.exe (Power2Go by CyberLink)
  5. clvdshellext9.dll (CLVDShellExt9 by CyberLink)
  6. clmlsvc_p2g9.exe (CyberLink MediaLibray Service by CyberLink)
  7. power2goexpress.exe (Power2Go Desktop Burning Gadget by CyberLink)
  8. powerdvd13.exe (CyberLink PowerDVD 13 by CyberLink)
  9. protect.dll (MyInProcServer Module by CyberLink)
  10. clmstransmanwrapper.dll (CyberLink CLMSTransManWrapper by CyberLink)
  11. mediastory.exe (CyberLink MediaStory by CyberLink)
  12. powerdvdcinema.exe (CyberLink PowerDVD Cinema by CyberLink)
  13. brs.exe (cyberlink brs by CyberLink)
  14. claccesscontroller.dll (CyberLink CLAccessController by CyberLink)
  15. clmsserver.exe (CyberLink CLMSServer by CyberLink)
  16. clmsmonitorservice.exe ( CLMSMoni Application by CyberLink)
  17. clvdshellext.dll (CLVDShellExt by CyberLink)
  18. clvdlauncher.exe (CyberLink Virtual Drive Launcher by CyberLink)
  19. kmsvc.exe (CyberLink KM Sesrvice by CyberLink)
  20. clrtspsrv.dll (CyberLink RTSP Web Service by CyberLink)
  21. pcmmediaserver.dll (CyberLink PCMMediaServer by CyberLink)
  22. producer.exe (PowerProducer by CyberLink)
  23. pdvdcreate.exe (CyberLink PowerStarter by CyberLink)
  24. power2go.exe (Power2Go by CyberLink)
  25. pdvd10serv.exe (PowerDVD RC Service by CyberLink)
  26. clwfl.dll (CLWFL by CyberLink)
  27. im.dll (TODO: by CyberLink)
  28. youcamservice.exe ( YouCamService Application by CyberLink)
  29. pdvdlaunchpolicy.exe ( PowerDVD 10.0 by CyberLink)
  30. esp.dll (MediaEspresso DeviceDetector by CyberLink)
  31. devicedetector.exe (MediaEspresso DeviceDetector by CyberLink)
  32. pdvdlp.exe (CyberLink PowerDVD12 by CyberLink)
  33. mediashow.exe (CyberLink MediaShow by CyberLink)
  34. menutemplateio.dll (MenuTemplateIO by CyberLink)
  35. templatemgr3u.dll (Cyberlink Template Manager by CyberLink)
  36. authorbat.dll (AuthorBAT Dynamic Link Library by CyberLink)
  37. imageutility.dll (ImageUti Dynamic Link Library by CyberLink)
  38. climgutility.dll (Cyberlink Image Utility Library by CyberLink)
  39. clmenueditor3u.dll (Cyberlink Menu Editor by CyberLink)
  40. editingmgrwrapperu.dll (EditingMgrWrapper Dynamic Link Library by CyberLink)
  41. hwctrlmgr.dll (HwCtrlMgr by CyberLink)
  42. cbs.dll (Cyberlink Burning Service by CyberLink)
  43. discmgru.dll (DiscMgr Dynamic Link Library by CyberLink)
  44. cledtkrn.dll (CyberLink Editing Service by CyberLink)
  45. imagewrapper.dll ( ImageWrapper Dynamic Link Library by CyberLink)
  46. clmediadetect.dll (CyberLink CLMediaDetect by CyberLink)
  47. simba.dll (CyberLink SIMBA by CyberLink)
  48. aurorau.dll (Aurora Dynamic Link Library by CyberLink)
  49. p2grc.dll (Power2Go by CyberLink)
  50. clvdshellext_20130613_00_31_27.dll (CLVDShellExt by CyberLink)
  51. virtualdrive.exe (CyberLink Virtual Drive by CyberLink)
  52. clmlsvc_p2g8.exe (CyberLink MediaLibray Service by CyberLink)
  53. clvistaaudiomixer.dll (CyberLink Vista Audio Mixer by CyberLink)
  54. evoparser.dll (Cyberlink Product Evolution Parser DLL by CyberLink)
  55. uno.dll ( UNO Dynamic Link Library by CyberLink)
  56. power2go8.exe (Power2Go by CyberLink)
  57. power2goexpress8.exe (Power2Go Desktop Burning Gadget by CyberLink)
  58. powerdvdcinema10.exe (CyberLink PowerDVD Cinema 10 by CyberLink)
  59. powerdvd10.exe (PowerDVD by CyberLink)
  60. ps.exe (CyberLink PowerStarter by CyberLink)
  61. clnetmediacds.dll (CLNetMediaCDS Module by CyberLink)
  62. clmediaserverbrowser.dll (CyberLink CLMediaServerBrowser by CyberLink)
  63. browserwrapper.dll (CLDHProcedure BrowserWrapper by CyberLink)
  64. cldmrprocedure.dll (CLDMRProcedure Module by CyberLink)
  65. dhprocedure.dll (Cyberlink DHProcedure library by CyberLink)
  66. clrcengine3.dll (CyberLink PowerDVD13 by CyberLink)
  67. claccesscontroller.dll ( CLAccess Dynamic Link Library by CyberLink)
  68. pdvdlp.exe ( CyberLink PowerDVD13 by CyberLink)
  69. clmsserverpdvd13.exe (CyberLink CLMSServer by CyberLink)
  70. clmsmonitorservicepdvd13.exe ( CLMSMoni Application by CyberLink)
  71. powerdvd13agent.exe (CyberLink PowerDVD 13 by CyberLink)
  72. clmediaserver.dll (CLMediaServer Module by CyberLink)
  73. clnetshow.dll (Cyberlink NetMedia Player 1.0 by CyberLink)
  74. clnetmediadma.dll (CLNetMediaDMA Module by CyberLink)
  75. clrcengine3.dll (CyberLink PowerDVD12 by CyberLink)
  76. wpddm.dll ( WPDDM Dynamic Link Library by CyberLink)
  77. clmsclient.dll (CyberLink CLMSClient by CyberLink)
  78. pyloader.dll ( pyloader Dynamic Link Library by CyberLink)
  79. boomeranglib.dll (BoomerangLib.dll by CyberLink)
  80. powerdvd12dmrengine.exe (CyberLink DMREngine by CyberLink)
  81. powerdvd12agent.exe (CyberLink PowerDVD 12 by CyberLink)
  82. pdvdlaunchpolicy.exe (CyberLink PowerDVD12 by CyberLink)
  83. photodirector3.exe (CyberLink PhotoDirector by CyberLink)
  84. clmsserverpdvd12.exe (CyberLink CLMSServer by CyberLink)
  85. clmsmonitorservicepdvd12.exe ( CLMSMoni Application by CyberLink)
  86. clhnserviceforpowerdvd12.exe (CLHNServiceForPowerDVD12 Module by CyberLink)
  87. photodirector4.exe (CyberLink PhotoDirector by CyberLink)
Pubishers signed by CyberLink Corp.
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