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What is the Conduit Ltd. digital certificate?

The main purpose of the digital certificate is to ensure that the application belongs to the entity to which the certificate was issued. The Conduit Ltd. digital certificate does not guarantee that a signed application is safe to run, but rather informs the user that the software was digitally signed by Conduit Ltd. and verified by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).
Conduit is a network of web publishers that allows them to create and distribute web browser toolbar and extension applications with the primary purpose of generating advertising and affiliate dollars. Conduit enables publishers to deploy branded web browser programs known as Community Toolbars (OurToolbar). Conduit allows publishers to distribute these browser extension apps directly, or through the Conduit App Marketplace (OurToolbar.com). Conduit-powered toolbars purpose is to drive monetization for publishers. These toolbars are typically bundled with freeware and shareware programs and are in fact distributed and branded by a number of large third party companies including Ares, Fox News, iWin and others. Conduit offers developers a program to generate and bundle these Community Toolbars with their applications or via download managers and software bundlers. The Conduit Platform provides access to various features, services, or applications powered by third parties for advertising purposes. Conduit utilizes bing ads (Microsoft advertising) to display search results and collect a portion of search click proceeds which is shared with the distribution publisher. www.conduit.com
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Conduit Ltd. Certificate Authority (CA): VeriSign

Files signed with the Conduit Ltd. digital certificate

  1. prxtbdiv1.dll (Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  2. toolbarservice.exe (Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  3. pluginswhitelisting.dll (PluginsWhiteListing by Conduit Ltd)
  4. tbmovi.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  5. tbshar.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  6. hktbbro2.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  7. tbswee.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  8. ldrtbswee.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  9. spvc32.dll (Search Protect by Conduit Ltd)
  10. cltmngui.exe (Search Protect by Conduit Ltd)
  11. tbmessaginghost.exe (TBMessagingHost by Conduit Ltd)
  12. tbhostsupport.dll (TBHostSupport by Conduit Ltd)
  13. prxtbutor.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  14. tbupdaterlogic_1.0.0.2.dll (Toolbar Auto Update Dll by Conduit Ltd)
  15. backgroundcontainer.dll (Background Container by Conduit Ltd)
  16. prxtbswee.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  17. tbbitz.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  18. prxtbytbc.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  19. prxtbmixi.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  20. prxtbvgra.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  21. prxtbkeyb.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  22. tbverifier.dll (Conduit Toolbar Verifier by Conduit Ltd)
  23. prxtbuto0.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  24. npconduitnewtabplugin.dll (Conduit Chrome Plugin by Conduit Ltd)
  25. prxtbbrot.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  26. tbiobi.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  27. sphook32.dll (Search Protect by Conduit Ltd)
  28. tbcell.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  29. tbara0.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  30. tbsoci.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  31. ldrtbsoci.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  32. prxtbsoci.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  33. chromeautoapprovetb.dll (Conduit Chrome Approve TB by Conduit Ltd)
  34. chromeapprovetbplugin.dll (Conduit Chrome Approve TB Plugin by Conduit Ltd)
  35. chromemodule.dll (Search Protect by Conduit Ltd)
  36. firefoxmodule.dll (Search Protect by Conduit Ltd)
  37. internetexplorermodule.dll (Search Protect by Conduit Ltd)
  38. cltmng.exe (Search Protect by Conduit Ltd)
  39. npconduitfirefoxplugin.dll (Conduit Plugin by Conduit Ltd)
  40. cltmngsvc.exe (Search Protect by Conduit Ltd)
  41. tbjayb.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  42. tbtv_l.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  43. tbp2p_.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  44. tblime.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  45. conduitengine.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  46. tbfree.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  47. ldrtbdvdv.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  48. tbdvd0.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  49. tbtogg.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  50. tbcomm.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  51. tbharm.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  52. tblive.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  53. ldrtbasha.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  54. tbrune.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  55. ldrtbrune.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  56. tbvist.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  57. ldrtbmari.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  58. incredimail_mediabar_2toolbarhelper.exe ( ToolbarH Application by Conduit Ltd)
  59. tbbs_p.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  60. tbincr.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  61. ldrtbincr.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  62. ldrtbwhit.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  63. tbwhit.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  64. tbmini.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  65. ldrtbmini.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  66. avformat-53.dll (by Conduit Ltd)
  67. avutil-51.dll (by Conduit Ltd)
  68. avcodec-53.dll (by Conduit Ltd)
  69. ubitzdeskband.dll (ubitz deskband by Conduit Ltd)
  70. condate.dll (Conduit Update by Conduit Ltd)
  71. icudt.dll (International Components for Unicode by Conduit Ltd)
  72. chrome.dll (ubitz by Conduit Ltd)
  73. npconduitupdate3.dll (Conduit Update by Conduit Ltd)
  74. np-cwmp.dll (Conduit Radio Plugin by Conduit Ltd)
  75. conduitchromeapiplugin.dll (Conduit Chrome Plugin by Conduit Ltd)
  76. prxtbmini.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  77. conduitcrashhandler.exe (Conduit Update by Conduit Ltd)
  78. ubitz.exe (ubitz by Conduit Ltd)
  79. alert0.dll (Alert by Conduit Ltd)
  80. tbhot0.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  81. alert.dll (Conduit Community Alerts by Conduit Ltd)
  82. tbincr.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  83. tbmari.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  84. alert.dll (Alert by Conduit Ltd)
  85. tbbitt.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  86. ldrtbmari.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
  87. prxconduitengine.dll (Conduit Toolbar by Conduit Ltd)
Pubishers signed by Conduit Ltd.
About (from Conduit Ltd. at www.conduit.com)
Conduit enables publishers to seamlessly encapsulate content and deploy it everywhere, from browsers and websites to all major mobile devices. Publishers can distribute and exchange their apps directly or through the Conduit App Marketplace. Conduit-powered apps enhance engagement, retention and monetization both within and beyond the boundaries of the publisher's website.

With Conduit, global brands such as Major League Baseball, Time Warner Cable, Univision, Chelsea Football Club, Fox News, iVillage, Groupon, and Travelocity are successfully marketing themselves online, along with hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized organizations in more than 120 countries around the world.
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