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What is the Acer Incorporated digital certificate?

The main purpose of the digital certificate is to ensure that the application belongs to the entity to which the certificate was issued. The Acer Incorporated digital certificate does not guarantee that a signed application is safe to run, but rather informs the user that the software was digitally signed by Acer Incorporated and verified by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).
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Acer Incorporated Certificate Authority (CA): VeriSign

Files signed with the Acer Incorporated digital certificate

  1. inputtask.exe (Screen Grasp by Acer)
  2. acpanel_win.exe (AcerPortal by Acer)
  3. launch screen grasp.exe (Screen Grasp by Acer)
  4. gesturedetection.exe (Screen Grasp by Acer)
  5. alu.exe (Updater by Acer)
  6. acermediaautoplay.exe (Acer Media by Acer)
  7. lmlauncher.exe (Launch Manager by Acer)
  8. lmsvc.exe (Launch Manager by Acer)
  9. lmevent.exe (Launch Manager by Acer)
  10. lmtray.exe (Launch Manager by Acer)
  11. touchportallauncher.exe (Acer Touch Portal Launcher by Acer)
  12. iudaemon.exe (iuDaemon.exe by Acer)
  13. clearfishellext_x64.dll (Clearfishellext Dynamic Link Library by Acer)
  14. acpanel_win.exe (AcerCloud by Acer)
  15. logmgr2.dll (Acer Theft Shield by Acer)
  16. whnctrl.dll (Acer Theft Shield by Acer)
  17. sysctrl.dll (Acer Theft Shield by Acer)
  18. commptl.dll (Acer Theft Shield by Acer)
  19. interop.shdocvw.dll (從型別程式庫 'SHDocVw' 匯入組件。 by Acer)
  20. usecuapplauncher.exe (Acer Theft Shield by Acer)
  21. smart_timer.exe (Smart Timer by Acer)
  22. usecuappsvc.exe (Acer Theft Shield by Acer)
  23. usecuappclient.exe (Acer Theft Shield by Acer)
  24. ffsservice.exe (FFS Optimize by Acer)
  25. hotkeyui.exe (Hotkey Utility 2.5 by Acer)
  26. dcmntrpt.dll (dcMntrPT Dynamic Link Library by Acer)
  27. iubrowserieagent.exe (iuBrowserIEAgent by Acer)
  28. iuemailoutlookagent.exe (iuEmailOutlookAgent by Acer)
  29. connmgrlauncher.exe ( ConnMgrLauncher Application by Acer)
  30. clearfishellext.dll (Clearfishellext Dynamic Link Library by Acer)
  31. managedwifi.dll (Managed Wifi API by Acer)
  32. localdevicediscovery.dll (CloudNodeDiscovery by Acer)
  33. localdevice.dll (LocalDevice by Acer)
  34. filemonitor.dll (FileMoni Dynamic Link Library by Acer)
  35. customer.dll (by Acer)
  36. updater.exe (AcerCloud by Acer)
  37. ccdmonitorservice.exe (CCD Monitor Service by Acer)
  38. sdd.exe (AcerCloud by Acer)
  39. ccd.exe (AcerCloud by Acer)
  40. notification.exe (Notification by Acer)
  41. devicefastlanesvc.exe (Device Fast-lane by Acer)
  42. infoctr.exe (InfoCentre by Acer)
  43. interop.networklist.dll (Assembly imported from type library 'NETWORKLIST'. by Acer)
  44. acer.scr ( Screen Saver by Acer)
  45. greg.exe (Global Registration by Acer)
  46. sysmonitor.exe (by Acer)
  47. netadaptercontrol.dll (Acer ePower Management by Acer)
  48. commoncontrol.dll (Acer ePower Management by Acer)
  49. brightnesscontrol.dll (Acer ePower Management by Acer)
  50. mceplugin.dll (Acer ePower Management by Acer)
  51. powersettingcontrol.dll (Acer ePower Management by Acer)
  52. syshook.dll (Acer ePower Management by Acer)
  53. epowertray.exe (Acer ePower Management by Acer)
  54. epowersvc.exe (Acer ePower Management by Acer)
  55. epowerevent.exe (Acer ePower Management by Acer)
  56. libcurl.dll (by Acer)
  57. oddpwrsvc.exe (ODDPwrSvc by Acer)
  58. oddpwr.exe (Optical Driver Power Management by Acer)
  59. liveupdater_agent.exe (Live Updater Agent by Acer)
  60. updater.exe (Live Updater by Acer)
  61. hotkeyutility.exe (Hotkey Utility by Acer)
  62. esettings.model.computerinterface.dll (Acer eSettings Management by Acer)
  63. esettings.model.computer.dll (Acer eSettings Management by Acer)
  64. esettings.logger.dll (eSettings.LogWrapper by Acer)
  65. esettings.serviceplugin.dll (Acer eSettings Management by Acer)
  66. epowertraylauncher.exe (Power Management by Acer)
  67. rs_service.exe (Acer Video Conference Manager by Acer)
  68. acervcm.exe (Acer Video Conference Manager by Acer)
  69. notification.exe (NotificationCenter by Acer)
  70. updaterservice.exe (Acer Update Service by Acer)
  71. greghsrw.exe (Global Registration by Acer)
  72. fota.exe (FOTA by Acer)
  73. acersyncliveupdate.exe (AcerSyncLiveUpdate by Acer)
  74. acersyncsystemservice.exe (by Acer)
  75. hotkeyhook.dll (Hotkey Utility by Acer)
  76. usbs3s4detection.exe (USBS3S4Detection by Acer)
  77. gregsvc.exe (Global Registration Service by Acer)
  78. ualu.exe (Updater by Acer)
  79. recovery management.exe (Recovery Management by Acer)
  80. commoncontrol.dll (Power Management by Acer)
  81. netadaptercontrol.dll (Power Management by Acer)
  82. brightnesscontrol.dll (Power Management by Acer)
  83. powersettingcontrol.dll (Power Management by Acer)
  84. syshook.dll (Power Management by Acer)
  85. epowertray.exe (Power Management by Acer)
  86. epowerevent.exe (Power Management by Acer)
  87. epowersvc.exe (Power Management by Acer)
  88. esettings.model.computerinterface.dll (Acer eSettings Management by Acer)
  89. esettings.model.computer.dll (Acer eSettings Management by Acer)
  90. esettings.logger.dll (eSettings.LogWrapper by Acer)
  91. esettings.serviceplugin.dll (Acer eSettings Management by Acer)
  92. elock.serv.interface.dll (Acer eLock Management by Acer)
  93. elock.serv.main.dll (Acer eLock Management by Acer)
  94. elock.serv.library.dll (Acer eLock Management by Acer)
  95. ootag.exe (OOTag by Acer)
  96. autolockprocess.exe (Acer eLock Management by Acer)
  97. updaterservice.exe (Updater Service by Acer)
  98. elockserv.exe (Acer eLock Management by Acer)
  99. zlib1.dll (Zlib by Acer)
  100. emachines.scr ( Screen Saver by Acer)
  101. notification.exe (NotificationCenter by Acer)
  102. gregsvc.exe (Global Registration Service by Acer)
  103. updaterservice.exe (Updater by Acer)
  104. hotkeyutility.exe (Hotkey Utility by Acer)
Pubishers signed by Acer Incorporated
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